Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dad's wreck

My dad was in a wreck Tuesday. As far as I can tell he was headed west on Main and going to turn on West St. to head to his house. When he turned he did so right in front of someone in a mini-van (so it was clearly his fault). They rammed the side of is pickup truck and turned it on its side. The driver of the other vehicle had to help dad get out of his seat belt, then he had to climb out of the passenger side window. Someone told my mom that when they arrived he was just sitting there in the ditch, somewhat disoriented. They took him to the ER in the rescue unit. I guess he cut his arm pretty bad, and later that night his ribs were sore, but otherwise seems to be ok. Although my mom said he keeps asking her the same questions over and over, like he doesn't remember anything.

Of course this follows a wreck not too long ago - I tried to find it on my blog but couldn't - in which his truck was totaled (although it apparently wasn't his fault). The fact remains, though, that his vision is impaired. The last thing my mom said in her email the other day was, "I suppose he'll get a ticket since it was his fault, but I just hope he doesn't lose his license." I'm not sure how to tell her, but... you know... if you're worried about losing your license, maybe it's time to voluntarily give it up. I don't know. I'm sure it's hard, but I just think it should at least be discussed. Btw, he didn't get a ticket (even though he probably should have). The police officer was a classmate of mine.

And this follows the experience Jane and Carrie just had this past weekend. My dad took Anna outside, and then they heard his truck start up. Jane ran out to the garage and he was getting ready to drive off with Anna - who wasn't in a carseat! I can't imagine how he would have felt if he'd driven somewhere with her (not in a carseat) and pulled in front of someone! I don't even want to think about how I would have felt.

Anyway, I guess we'll see where this goes. I feel bad for him. He's just about to turn 80, he has a hard time seeing, it seems things are starting to stack against him.

What probably makes it even worse is that my mom and dad were just getting ready to go to Peoria to see my dad's brother in the hospital. Uncle Harold fell down the stairs at his house the other night (during the night - not sure why he was up), and broke some bones in his face, in his leg; has a concussion and some bleeding on the brain. He's not in very good shape, and neither is his wife. Apparently they are both going to be moving to a nursing home now. My parents did still end up going to visit them. I suppose they were quite a sight together.

Ugh... isn't the stuff of life fun?

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