Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday morning weigh-in

I suppose I don't need to do these anymore, since the diet is officially over, but... what the heck. After weighing in at 145.2 last week, this morning I once again dropped just slightly to... 144.6. This was after the usual 5.5 mile morning run, a couple glasses of water, and a protein drink. This was even after having a Taco-in-a-bag last night, along with a veggie burger and a salad - oh, and a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate, caramel, and whipped cream on top! I also snuck about 5 of Jane's scrumptious cookies that she made for church in the morning.

I did NOT feel like running this morning though. I had a down afternoon/evening yesterday, and was just feeling a bit shaky this morning. I ran pretty slow, and it wasn't until about the 4 mile mark that I even started to feel good. But I feel better now. Hopefully it will last.

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