Friday, August 31, 2012

Mowing, visited isaac, jane lost a tooth, and 10 miles

I mowed at the church yesterday afternoon. North/south. The grass was good. I took a shower afterwards in the mission house.

I took Jane to work yesterday morning, then sat in the parking lot of IHOP and started reading Eugene Peterson's fantastic book 'The Pastor.' Then when my other pastor cohorts arrived (Tom, Steve & Shalimar) we had breakfast.

When Jane was done with work I went back to the bank and picked her up, and we headed to Anderson to have supper with son Isaac and Ricci. We went to a quaint little pizza place we had never been to before. I can't remember the name of it. It was neat. Then we checked out the improvements at the Exodus House and visited a bit, then headed home.

In other exciting news, Jane lost part of her tooth Wednesday night. We came home from our Prayer
group - Bible Study - Discussion Group, and she was eating cottage cheese. Part of a filling came out, and half her tooth. So yesterday she called the dentist. She can't get in until next Tuesday. Fortunately it doesn't seem to hurt her at all.

This morning I ran 10 miles again. I did it in 1 hr. 29 minutes. I then walked another mile. I didn't feel 'terrible', but I didn't exactly feel great either. I checked and I did from the 8th mile to the 9th mile in 8 min. 25 seconds. Not much slower than my fastest mile. I decided to fill some baggies with ice though, and am now icing both knees. Hoping that will help. They're not terribly sore but... trying to prevent it. I weighed 145.6 before running; 140.4 after.

Now I think I'll make some egg beaters.

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