Saturday, September 01, 2012


I got nothin' today. I've also used up most of my stored posts for days like this when I don't really know what to say. So... let's try to think of something...
  • I've been trying to stay out of the political flap this year. I realize that four years ago I went a little overboard on the politics. It cost me some friends on Facebook and in real life too. We also lost several people at church. I have many regrets. So even though I still have some pretty strong opinions, I've been doing my best to keep them to myself.
  • We went to the last regular season home game for the Tincaps last night. It was a nice night. We didn't stay for the fireworks though.
  • After the baseball game we went to the botanical gardens down the street and took in the last Botanical Roots Series concert for the year too. The last few years we had made quite a few of these Friday night concerts, but we hadn't been able to attend a single one this year. We renewed our membership to the bg, so hopefully we'll make more of the concerts next year. It was a nice night to sit outside and listen to music. Even though it was a band from New Orleans. They had a drummer, guitarist, fiddle player, and an accordion player. And it was that singing where they're not really saying real words. I don't get it, but it was fun anyway.
  • There was also supposed to be a "blue moon." I have no idea what that is. I suppose I could look it up, but... whatever. Anyway, it was lost under the clouds for most of the night, but did peak out a few times. It was big, and bright, but... I didn't notice it being very blue.
  • The ice on my knees seemed to help quite a bit. I need to remember that. But I need to get some freezer bags. The ziplock bags I filled with ice kind of leaked.
  • There is an air show at the Fort Wayne airport today and tomorrow. Of course it's supposed to rain all weekend. We've never gone to the one here. I've been watching them practice all week (from my office). I wouldn't mind going, but I don't really want to stand in the rain. We'll see.
Well, that's about it. Time to have breakfast and go to work. Not sure why everyone keeps saying it's a three-day weekend. Not for me. Oh well.

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