Friday, September 28, 2012


I got a haircut yesterday. I wanted to look good since we are having a child dedication service for 6 kids this Sunday. I went to the usual place, and when I got there there were two girls working and each had a customer. One of them was Marie who I have had before and really like how she cuts my hair. So I was excited. But then an older lady came in the back door - Sue - and she cut my hair (she wasn't really "older" but she was older than the other two, and still probably younger than me). She must have been out having a cigarette, because she had an OVERWHELMING stale cigarette smell to her, and she was chomping her gum really loud. She was nice enough, but that smell really is offensive to me anymore.

Anyway, she starts off by asking, "So you use a #3?" I was like, "No, I think they usually use a #6 on the sides and back and scissor cut the top." So she double-checked and said, "Oh, maybe they use a 3 around the edges or something." So... I felt a little nervous about all that.

I guess she cut it ok - even though she didn't take much off the top - and then she put this crap in my hair. I don't like crap in my hair. Ever. She said it would make it look "fuller." Um... I am fully aware that my hair is thin on top, but I really don't like crap in my hair. So she didn't earn any points with me.

I'm still thinking of just going with a #6 on my whole head the next time. Or maybe even shorter. I just don't want it to look like I have a crew cut. But... you know... it's just not that big of a deal anymore. Fortunately.

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