Monday, September 10, 2012

I love a parade, among other things

I guess I missed a day of blogging yesterday. Busy weekend.

Saturday I did walk in the Ossian Days parade with Jane's fellow bank employees. I had to wear the most hideous green shirt (not that the shirt was hideous, but the color of green was hideous). I got to push Anna in her stroller while Jane handed out candy to the people lining the streets. Anna just sat there mesmerized through the whole parade route. It was funny. She also had a tiny green shirt (though it looked better on her than me). Jane got to wear a much nicer looking blue shirt. Anyway, it was kind of fun walking amongst all the people. We had a group of clowns right behind us in the parade.

After that we met up with Drew Carrie and waited for the parade to end, then we had tenderloins at the food stand we get a tenderloin at every year. We stood right behind it so we were second in line once they opened back up (after the parade). We ate and chatted with a few people, then we headed to the church.

Jane was getting breakfast ready for Sunday on Saturday night (baking the biscuits), so I worked in the office (making a new map of Sunday School rooms and new signs for the doors).

Sunday morning we had a breakfast at the church to kick off our new season of Sunday Morning Small Groups. The teachers served it. We had quiche, biscuits & gravy, fruit, cinnamon rolls, coffee, milk and juice. There was only one piece of quiche left and we ran out of biscuits, cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. We had plenty of gravy left over though. Oops. I guess we weren't expecting quite so many people, nor for people to take quite so much food. But I was glad we had as good of a crowd as we did. I was more than glad, actually. And quite a few people who used to be regulars were gone.

After breakfast we had our regular Sunday Gathering, but we had Lance Finley from the denominational offices speaking. I'd heard him give a message at our regional conference on the theological basis for the missional church and thought it was just excellent, so I asked if he would come and share it with us. He did an even better job at our church, so I was really happy about that. He also brought his wife and three kids. We went for lunch afterward. Lance is one of those guys that knows how to have fun as much as anybody I know, but he's also as intelligent as anyone I know. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for him. A very humble yet fun-loving soul.

After lunch we took a short nap, a short walk, then we had a foundations group gathering at Joan's. We had a big meal, discussed McLaren's '5 Queries', read Mark 1:14-20 and discussed it, and generally had an ok time. We also discussed two upcoming service projects (food bank and peeling potatoes). We sat on Joan's back deck and ate. How cool.

All in all it was a pretty nice weekend. I got up and ran 5.3 miles this morning and feel pretty good. Somehow I have a boatload of stuff to do in the next few weeks, not to mention getting ready for our grandson to be born and possibly having Carrie and Anna move in with us for a while. I'm actually feeling pretty good about things for a change. Which is nice.

And here's a shot from the past... Peace out; and in.

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