Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running out of time

It's getting harder to squeeze in an outdoor run in the mornings anymore. It was 7 am before the sun was out enough to run today, and it's staying darker longer every day. Ugh.

I know I could just run on the treadmill, or run in the afternoon, but I've grown to really like running outside in the morning. I ran outside all 5 days last week. I think my legs are finally starting to get used to it. And there seems to be a big difference between running first thing in the morning and running in the afternoon. Maybe it's more of a psychological difference, but it's a difference nonetheless.

I have also noticed that I am still losing a bit of weight (I was 143 this morning), but I think I'm mostly just losing muscle now. I haven't been lifting for the past week or two. I've got an issue in my groin that has always bothered me off and on when I lift. So even though I don't lift much, I haven't been doing any; plus I've cut out the crunches, squats, situps and pushups. I'm sure things will be back to normal shortly.

And on a completely unrelated note... I guess it is 9/11. I probably wouldn't have noticed if not for Facebook... and the news. You know, I am sure there are plenty who will disagree with me, but don't you think that at some point we need to just move on? Not that it wasn't a tragedy, and I'm sure I might feel different if I had lost a close friend to it, but... even when we lose a spouse or loved one in some other way, isn't it a healthy part of the process when we get to the point where we can move on? I don't know, maybe I'm just really tired of the "victim mentality" that so many people seem to carry with them all the time anymore. I certainly wouldn't put something like this on Facebook, but since there are only a few people reading here I'm hoping it won't matter much. That's just what I think though.

Peace out; and in.


Carrie said...

1 - They have extremely high tech clothing available to keep you warm enough/cool enough to run when it's cold. And it's not all super expensive.

2 - I agree with you. Patriot Day? What does that even mean?

Jim Lehmer said...

I wonder how long after WWII before Dec. 7 stopped being a REAL issue/memory/day-to-recall-grievances-against-the-Japanese? I think for some people it was decades, or as long as they lived. I think for some (not me) Sep. 11 is going to be that way.

Is the big hold up to running in the morning the temp or the lack of light? If it's the darkness, you could look into a high output LED headlamp maybe (like the kind I use for backpacking/camping). May feel a bit awkward/unnatural, but it could keep you running in the morning, perhaps.

Or just get up later. :)