Friday, September 21, 2012

Mowing and a pastor's gathering

I mowed at the church yesterday. East/West. It was a nice mowing.

I also went to a pastor's gathering with some others in our region. A missionary to Sweden that our church supports was in the area. Actually, he came to Indiana to see Jane and I but they put together a supper last night and breakfast this morning with some other pastors (seriously, he said he came to Indiana just to see us). Doug M. stopped in at the church yesterday afternoon and we visited a bit. We met up again at the supper in South Whitley where he shared about his work in the seriously postmodern/post-christian country of Sweden. There were about 20 people there. Jane and I then went out with Doug afterward and had a nice chat. He is coming over this afternoon after another pastor's gathering in Fort Wayne this morning, then he's spending the night with us tonight (we're taking him on the Trolley Tour). We kind of hit it off with he and his wife a couple years ago. Our church just started supporting them this past year in their work in Sweden of starting SMOC's (small, missional, organic communities). I'm not sure if they still call them that or not. They have a video HERE. Anyway, it was nice to catch up again. It was also nice to visit with some other church leaders.

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Carrie said...

Well that has to make you feel special. Wish I could join you on the Trolley Tour. Sounds like a good time!