Saturday, September 22, 2012

The last long run before the race

Yesterday I did my last long run before the Fort 4 Fitness half-marathon. I ran 12 miles in 1 hr. 45 minutes. I felt pretty good (considering), and my knees didn't seem to hurt as bad afterward. However my calves hurt more than I remember them ever bothering me (after I was done). But... I am glad I won't have to do anymore of these long runs. Next Saturday is the race (13.1 miles), and I don't think I will run at all on the Friday before. Then I plan to take a full week off from running of any kind after it's over. Hopefully after that I can maybe run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and start lifting again on Tuesday and Thursday; then take the weekends off.

I weighed in at 143.6 before I ran - but I didn't eat anything before... just a water and a cup of decaf. I weighed 140.4 when I was done. Apparently I don't lose as much weight when it's cooler outside. I suppose I don't sweat near as much.

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