Thursday, October 04, 2012

Doctor visit - eye

I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday for my eye. It's been bothering me since last Monday (10 days ago). At first I just thought it was allergies, then maybe a cold... My right eye was watery and my nose kind of runny. The runny nose didn't last, but my eye got worse. It got read, watered almost constantly, and started to hurt. So I googled 'pink-eye,' and it sounded like it might possibly go away on its own. But... no such luck.

So I went to a funeral in the morning, then ran up to Redi-Med on Jefferson in the afternoon. There was only 1 other person in the waiting room when I got there, but I still had to wait for an hour before a nurse practitioner finally came in to see me. She was young, and very nice. She said I have a definite eye infection (pink-eye), and it looked like I might have a possible ear or sinus infection on the right side too. So she prescribed me some antibiotic eye drops for the eye (2 drops 3 times a day), and an antibiotic pill for the ear (2 pills once a day). I'm not supposed to take any vitamins within 2 hours of the pills.

I hurried back to the office and put some eye drops in. It felt a little better right away. Which is good, because it was bothering me quite a bit today. It didn't last long though and was still pretty bad last night and again this morning. I should be better in a couple days though. I hope so. I'm getting a bit tired of this, and worn out. Glad I took the week off from running.

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