Friday, October 05, 2012

Mowing - church and home

I mowed at the church and at home yesterday. The church was a bit patchy. I hadn't mowed for 2 weeks, and there were still parts that weren't too bad. But there were also some parts that needed it pretty bad. It looks much nicer now. Although, the farmer to the south was putting something on the field (maybe lime), and the wind was blowing it right into where I was mowing. I just pulled my shirt up over my mouth. I mowed north and south.

When I got home I then mowed our yard. I probably hadn't mowed at home for almost 3 weeks. I lowered the deck one notch too. Time to start mowing lower so the leaves will blow on through.

My eye feels better, but it's still giving me fits now and then. And my stomach is bothering me a little from the other medicine I'm taking. Argh. Be glad when this is over.

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