Monday, October 08, 2012

Eye doctor

I went to a new eye doctor today. Like, a REAL eye doctor - not the one I usually go to to buy glasses from. I went to Dr. Kurt Dougherty on Lake Ave. in Fort Wayne. Shelley S. recommended him. I would too.

Since going to Redi-Med last week for what they diagnosed as pink eye, my right eye had gotten clearer, and it wasn't watering quite so much, but I had started to not be able to see out of it. I didn't notice that happening until I started using the eye drops I got last week, and it seemed to be getting worse (my eyesight). So I was beginning to freak out a little bit. My dad has 'ischemic optic neuropathy'... which is basically a stroke of the optic nerve (from blood clots). He told me it could be genetic, so I was worried that it was beginning to happen to me. My dad first lost vision in one eye, and then 3 years later lost it in the other. I'm not sure it's genetic from what I've read though. But still... I didn't want to go blind, or even have it stay like it is, because it is not fun not being able to see out of one eye. It was a real pain trying to read music and preach yesterday.

Anyway, I called first thing this morning to see if I could get into the eye doctor. It took awhile, but they finally told me to come at 1:45 pm for a 2 pm appointment (I had to fill out first-time-patient paperwork). I got there at 1:40, filled out the paperwork, and before it was even 2 one of the assistants took me back and did a vision test and asked me a bunch of questions. Then the doctor came in, talked to me for a bit, put the big eye machine in front of me and looked at my eyes, then said it was a VIRAL INFECTION. The eye drops I was taking were for a bacterial infection. So he prescribed me an anti-inflammatory eye drop (FLUOROMETHOLONE ophthalmic suspension, USP 0.1% - generic) and said to use it 4 times a day for a week, then we would see about changing the dosage. I will probably need to take it for a couple weeks anyway. And I'm supposed to use it 4 times today, even if I just wait a half hour between dosages.

Apparently it's similar to having a "cold" in my eye, and the white blood cells have all congregated on my right cornea (covering of the eye), and that's what's causing me to not be able to see. He said it may happen again in a month, or maybe even six months. I guess I have a susceptibility there now. So he prescribed me a large bottle of these eye drops.

So... I feel a little better. He said it wouldn't improve overnight or anything, but should be better in several days, and almost back to normal in a week. I'm just glad he was pretty confident that it would come back. I asked about driving to Illinois on Wednesday (for a funeral). He said I could do whatever I wanted, it just depended on me. So we'll see.

And there ya go. Everyone at this office was real nice. Our insurance doesn't work there, but I like the idea of seeing a 'real' eye doctor again. I may even go there to get my glasses from now on. Just something about going to Walmart that makes me a little uneasy. I don't want to mess around with my eyes.

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