Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Trouble finding medicine

Yesterday when I went to the eye doctor he prescribed me some anti-inflammatory eye drops (FLUOROMETHOLONE ophthalmic suspension, USP 0.1%  is the generic). He specifically said, "These are available on the shelf in any pharmacy." So, since I was supposed to start them right away, and do 4 doses that very day, I went straight to the Walmart by our house and dropped the prescription off. I was going to stop by the house and talk to Jane, then go back and pick the medicine up and head back to work. Instead, an hour later I went back to Walmart, waited in line forever, only to be told that they were OUT of that medicine. I was directed to another line and the lady said she could have it the next day. Since I was supposed to start it that day I told her I would just take the prescription back. She was kind enough to call another Walmart first, but they were out too.

So I took my prescription to the Walgreen's near our house. I dropped it off, they asked if I was going to stay and wait for it. I said "yes", and they said it would be about 25 minutes. I waited in the store, and after 25 minutes the pharmacy cashier asked me what I was waiting on. I told her and she said, "Oh, I'm sorry, somebody should have told you that we are out of that." I didn't say anything, but... yeah... since I've just been sitting here, that would have been nice. She was able to log into the Walgreen's network, and apparently no Walgreen stores in Fort Wayne had that available. She also said they could order it, but again, I just took my prescription back.

So then I went home, because we were supposed to go to this church leaders gathering tonight, but I needed to get this prescription. So I got Jane and we headed to Meijer's. When I handed the guy the script he asked what all the writing was on it. Apparently the other two places had scribbled things on the prescription, so I explained to him the situation. He was at least nice enough to look and see if they had the medicine before he took my information. Fortunately they had it! So he took my information, and had the medicine right there, but said it would be 25 minutes before it would be ready. So we waited around Meijer's for 25 minutes.

By that time we were running late, and I was tired and irritated, and so we didn't make it to the church leader thing. Instead we just went home and ordered Pizza Hut and I put eye drops in my eye every hour until we went to bed at 9:30. Ugh... what a night. To top things off, Jane was sneezing and sniffling the whole night.

I don't know that my vision is any better this morning... maybe a little, but not much if it is... but at least it's not any worse. The doctor said it would take a few days to see improvement. So I'm just waiting it out. I admit that I've been just a little stressed out by all this eye stuff lately. Hopefully I will start to see some improvement today or tomorrow. I was just glad we finally found the prescription though.

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