Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mainstreaming mormonism

I would never put this on Facebook, because too many people would see it and most of them would think this was more about politics than religion. It is not. I certainly have my opinions on politics (and you probably know them), but I really don't care who you vote for or if you even vote. There is something that's been bugging me though, and since hardly anyone reads my blog I thought I'd share it here.

I think it is quite interesting how quickly conservative Christians have switched from considering Mormonism a non-Christian "cult," to actually embracing it as mainstream Christianity. Granted, maybe "embracing" is a bit strong, but what else do you call it? "Ignoring?" "Denying?" "Compromising?" "Sticking your head in the sand?" All so the US can get someone other than President Obama in the White House.

I realize there are some Christians who have never had a problem with Mormonism. But let's be honest, isn't it true that most evangelicals at least have considered it nothing but a cult that was based on teachings other than Scripture and who find their salvation in other than Jesus?

I won't even play the race card (though it's hard to deny there isn't some merit to it for some people), but I'm just pretty amused (or is it saddened) by how little this is even talked about in Christian circles. Actually, I have only had one conversation about it myself (Christians voting for a Mormon).

To be perfectly honest and without trying to sound judgmental, I really do have a hard time understanding the justification. I am not saying you are wrong if you vote for Romney (as a Christian), or that you aren't a Christian if you do... I'm just saying I, myself, am having a hard time seeing how that makes sense. But that's just me. And this is my blog. And that's something I've been thinking about lately.

ADDED LATER: After writing this I just happened across this story about how the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association just removed Mormonism from it's list of cults A WEEK AGO! Just to justify their association with Romney. Hmm.


Carrie said...

My neighbor and I were JUST talking about this. It's very strange that no one seems to care. But, a lot of people who seem to be looking the other way still maintain that Obama is the Muslim anti-Christ. People are crazy...

Jim Lehmer said...

Ah, Carrie, you are expecting people to make SENSE. A classic blunder. :)

Political satirist Andy Borowitz nailed this back in March. See here. Obviously the conservatives have decided which enemy of their enemy is their friend.