Friday, October 19, 2012

The farm check arrived

We received our farm check Wednesday for the 39 acres of Illinois farm ground we own. We rent it to Jane's oldest brother (who took over the family farm). We have never really agreed on a price. He just sends us a check each year. So I don't really know what it's even based on. It was land we inherited from Jane's mom though, and we trust the brother, so we've never questioned it. It's always nice to receive it.

This year he paid us $200 more than last year. It's not a huge amount (though we have lived on that much before - in our poverty stricken years), but it is nice to get. Hopefully we can pay some bills, take a vacation, give some away, and stash a little for a rainy day.

Sometimes we think about selling the land, because we would likely receive enough to pay off our house and everything else. But I kind of like the idea of having some yearly income, and also just owning some land. Sure it's a pain having to pay property taxes and insurance, but there's just something about owning something. I don't know, maybe it's silly.

Anyway, it's always nice to receive the farm check. And I appreciate that Jane's brother is a fair and upright man. I don't like haggling about things, and feel confident that he treats us more than right. We've been pretty well blessed.

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