Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tried to run - knee funk continues

I was feeling a little better yesterday so I thought I'd take a run again. I hadn't run at all since the half-marathon on Sept. 29, so that's almost 3 weeks. It looked pretty nice out when I was thinking about it, however, by the time I actually got done mopping the kitchen floor and changed my clothes it had turned cloudy. Then it started sprinkling during the run.

The worst part, though, was my knee. I had completely forgot about hurting my left knee during the half (when the guy stopped in front of me and I kind of twisted it). I felt great running down Lower Huntington Road, but once I climbed down the side of the bridge and started running on the trail, the outside of my left knee started hurting again. "Oh yeah...", I thought to myself. I tried trudging along slowly, but eventually I had to just walk. I stopped at the restroom at Tillman park and stretched a little, and it seemed to be ok for awhile. But then it started hurting again. So.... I ended up going 4.5 miles, but it was a mix of running real slow and walking. Then, when I got home, the bottom of my right foot hurt, and I remember getting that blister during the half also. Dang, I can't believe those things have not bothered me at all in the 3 weeks since then, and the first time I run they were both kind of killer. It was weird, because I never even got out of breath yesterday, just the pain in my knee and foot. What's the deal?

So now I don't know if I just need more rest, or if I actually need to go to the doctor about my knee. And do I see my family doctor, or go to an actual sports doctor (or whatever you call them)?

The knee doesn't bother me to walk on, but it does seem to be a little sore every now and then when I move it a certain way. It is on the outside of the left knee. Something I've not ever had a problem with before. Argh. I will be bummed if I can't run anymore. Or if I need knee surgery. Hopefully it's something that just needs time. We'll see.


carrie said...

I woud say go to the dr. asap. They'll refer you to a sports dr if you need one and sometimes you need the referral for insurance anyway. As an outsider looking in, you need running :) In the nicest way possible, it was so awesome to see it impact your life. Hopefully they can fix it with they're awesome stretching. I have three friends that are sports drs and two of them helped my shoulder with just stretches. Its pretty awesome.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Carrie. I appreciate the input. Yes, I think I will go see the dr. :)