Thursday, November 01, 2012

A new electric meter

The electric company installed a new meter on our house yesterday. I ran to McDonald's for a vacation breakfast (a McGriddle), and came home and went downstairs. All of a sudden I thought I heard someone like pounding on the side of our house. So I went back upstairs, and sure enough there is a guy standing right outside our patio door. It was then that I noticed our power had went out and come back on too. He was just installing the new round meter on the back side of the house (where the old one had been). I debated on whether I should say something to him or not, because I wasn't exactly sure what he was doing at first, but I was still in my pajamas... so I just figured if he needed anything he would let me know. I discovered later in the day that he had stuck a card in the front door that he was going to be replacing the meter.

Later in the day I cleaned up some of the old flowers and debris along the fence between us and the Russells. I also trimmed the heck out of the rose bush in the back yard. Then it started raining again.

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