Friday, November 02, 2012

Turning 50, taking a week off

Today is my 50th birthday. Somehow I thought it might be different, but... it's pretty much just another day.

I do feel pretty blessed (and am), and I have already been pretty overwhelmed by the number of birthday greetings on Facebook. I also decided to just take the week off of work. Jane and I have plans for the weekend, and I was only going to take the weekend off, but when I went to work Monday I realized I didn't really want to be there. So I busted tail Monday and got everything ready for me to be gone, and I've been off since then. I thought about going back home for a couple days, but that would have just made me too homesick, so... I've just been doing work around the house and kind of just lazing around.

Tuesday I rearranged the furniture in the basement. Wednesday I did some yard work - tearing out some of the summer growings and trimming bushes and trees. Yesterday I had breakfast with my pastors group, and then finally bought a winter coat (though I haven't taken the tags off of it yet). Today... we'll see.

Of course, just to balance things out, I did get a rather disappointing email from someone at church in the midst of all this. It never ends.

But, anyway, what's my status here at 50 years old?
  • I am living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have a nice house on the south side of the city in a quiet little neighborhood. I never dreamed I would find myself here. I enjoy living in a neighborhood where we can take walks at night and visit with neighbors.
  • Jane and I will have been married 30 years this coming May.
  • We have a wonderful and beautiful daughter who is 27 and lives just a few miles from us towards downtown FW. She is married and has given us a granddaughter, Anna, who will be 2 in January; and a grandson, Bennett, who was born on 10.11.12. She and Drew have been blessed in that she has been able to work at home raising the kids since they've been born, and Drew just got a new job on the railroad. They are also both very involved at our church, helping with the music, the nursery, and pretty much anything else that is needed.
  • Our son, Isaac, lives in Anderson, IN (about an hour away) and is now 24. He and a friend started a transitional living home for men (the Exodus House) that is going on three years now. He also works part-time on an exotic animal farm to help support himself. And he has a pretty serious girlfriend (Ricci) that helps keep him happy. He is also on the leadership team at his church, where he preaches on a fairly regular basis.
  • My parents are both still living. Today is actually my mom's 75th birthday, and my dad turned 80 earlier this week. They still live in the same house in Buda that I grew up in (which I would someday like to own if at all possible).
  • I am still pastoring the same church I went to after seminary, and am now into my 14th year here. I wouldn't say things are going "well" exactly, but I believe I have helped a number of people, and I have survived my share of crap over the years. Some days I could see myself being here another 14 years, and some days I wonder if I'll make it another day. Just like with living in Fort Wayne, I never imagined this is what I would be doing for a living.
  • Most of the time I feel pretty good about turning 50. I just ran my first half-marathon this past summer, and in many respects I feel about as good as I ever have in my life. I dropped 30 pounds this summer and weigh about the same as I did in high school. My waist is maybe an inch or two bigger (size 30), and I feel pretty fit. I was able to go off my blood pressure medicine, so now the only medicines I take are over-the-counter allergy medicines. However, I still struggle with depression quite a bit. It is pretty much a constant battle every day, but I try to keep it in check by staying in shape and being disciplined in my routines, as well as a lot of prayer and help from my wife and a couple good friends.
Well, there is probably more I could write, and I likely will write more later about what I did this weekend, but for now... yep, it's my birthday. Jane took the day off and I think we're going to go out for breakfast. We seldom have the same day off where we can just relax together. So that's what I'm going to do now.

Peace out, and in, my friends.

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