Saturday, November 03, 2012

Argo and 7 psychopaths

Rarely does anything meet my expectations, let alone exceed them. I had heard from several people, whose opinion I respect, that Argo was a really good movie. They were right. And that Ben Affleck is getting pretty good at directing movies too.

It was based loosely on the CIA rescue of 6 US diplomats in Tehran, Iran during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. I don't know how accurate or factual it was (and I doubt that anyone really does), but it sure was pretty riveting to watch. One of the funnier things that occurred was this one scene where they come up with this word (Argofuckyourself) as a response to stupid people or questions they don't want to deal with. I apologize if you find it offensive, but it was pretty funny in the movie, and I found myself thinking it on several occasions afterward. :)

I went by myself a week ago Friday afternoon. The theater was surprisingly full for a matinee. It seemed to be mostly older folks. And when the movie ended... everyone erupted into applause! It was a somewhat odd moment, but a fitting response; and I just smiled... it was that kind of movie. A really good movie.

Jane and I then went and saw 7 Psychopaths the next day. I thought the previews looked pretty funny, and it was a funny movie in a 'Pulp Fiction' kind of way. But there was so much blood and gore that it really took away from the movie (in my opinion). Jane probably only saw half the movie (the other half she just saw the palms of her hands), and I had to look away on a number of occasions. Although, to be fair, that was part of the point of the movie (the conflict between peace and violence). At any rate, I thought Colin Farrell and Christopher Walken were splendid in their roles. So not near as good as Argo, and I was a little disappointed, but still not a wasted afternoon.

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