Thursday, November 15, 2012

A tendency to melancholy

I saw a link to this post the other day on Fitch's facebook: Top 10 Awesome Men with Mental Illness. I've never really considered myself to have a "mental illness"... but I do tend to sound like some of these guys. Especially Abraham Lincoln, who was said to have described himself with "a tendency to melancholy." Yeah... that sounds like me. It's not that I'm sad, necessarily, but that's just how I am. I usually think of it as I'm just always thinking about stuff, and it's often not the same stuff that's going on at the moment.

Anyway, the "top ten" according to this list are:

10. King Charles VI of France
9. Abraham Lincoln
8. Vincent Van Gogh
7. Earnest Hemingway
6. Tennessee Williams
5. Edgar Allen Poe
4. Howard Hughes
3. John Nash
2. Ludwig Van Beethoven
1. Sir Isaac Newton

Certainly I don't pretend to be as brilliant as any of these men, and I am hopefully not as disturbed as some of them were either, but I did find some scary similarities in some of the descriptions. Like I've always said of myself - I'm not complicated; just difficult. Sorry. But I think it also goes to show that everyone has a place, and even the most difficult people have something to offer. In fact, I would say we ALL can be a little difficult in our own way, and we ALL have something to offer too.

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