Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glenn kaiser show

This past Saturday night we got to see a solo Glenn Kaiser concert (his website)- just a couple blocks from our house. He was at the Avalon Missionary Church just across Airport Expressway from us. It was just what I needed after a long, hard week for me emotionally.

We thought we were going to miss it. We got called to the hospital in Bluffton just about an hour before it started. I just expected that we wouldn't be able to go. But we got there about 7:20 pm and they were just introducing Glenn when we walked in. Cool!

There wasn't a very big crowd at all, but it made for a pretty nice intimate little setting. And I was really surprised at how good the sound and lighting were. It was a nice show. Lasted until about 8:40 or so. Just right. He played almost entirely blues stuff. Most of it on acoustic, but some of it on these simple guitars he makes out of scrap wood and cigar boxes. He plays slide on those. They were interesting. I wished I'd have went to the afternoon session where he taught people how to make them.

This concert was as a fundraiser for Charis House - a local women's shelter (which is the same one we make food for once a month). He also did a show on Friday night for the Rescue Mission. I wish our church could do stuff like this (bring in someone like Glenn, instead of a local Southern Gospel group). At any rate, it was a nice night for me. I really needed to hear some singing and playing, and preaching. He talked quite a bit. It was pretty convicting for me, personally. Good stuff.

We did meet the pastor afterwards. He seemed like a nice guy. He was pretty young; said he'd been there 7 years in July. We were going to wait around to talk with Glenn, but he had quite a line of people waiting to talk to him so we left.

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JAH said...

Yes, it was a very good night. I wonder if he could come back again this Saturday?