Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First snow, and fixed the washing machine

We had our first snow of the year yesterday. It was 70 degrees fahrenheit on the weekend, and then dropped into the 40's by early Monday morning. It started out as rain but as it cooled even more it turned into full-blown snow. It was snowing pretty darn hard - with big flakes - for awhile... then the sun came out and all evidence was removed. Weird. Now it's like 25 degrees this morning. Brrrr.

In other excitement last night... I heard the washing machine running when I got home from the office. Pretty soon I didn't hear it anymore so I was going to put the clothes in the dryer. But when I opened the washing machine up it was full of water, and clothes. It was also set on "hand wash." So I asked Jane why it was set on that. She apparently thought she accidentally set it there and she went down to reset it. However she couldn't get it to work. So I tried messing with it. We couldn't get it to drain the water out. So... off to Google we went.

I simply typed in "My GE Profile washing machine won't drain." The first item on the list was this fantastic article. Some other 'non-handyman' gave a step-by-step guide on how he fixed his washing machine that was doing the exact same thing ours was. Of course when I went to print it off I remembered that we were out of printer ink. We also needed a shop-vac to remove the water from the machine.

Since we don't really have any friends we feel like we can call in situations like this, it took us awhile, but we finally remembered that Drew and Carrie had a shop-vac at one time. So we texted Carrie, and it was Drew's grandpa's. So she called him and asked if we could borrow it. So we went and got that (and saw the grandkids for a wee bit) and then picked up some printer ink at Walmart. Jane installed the ink and printed off the excellent directions, and I started draining the water out. I had also watched a video on how to remove the front of the washing machine. That helped a ton. So we followed the directions exactly: removed the front of the washer, tipped the machine back so we could suck out some more water, unhooked the main drain hose (the black flex hose), and guess what we found? A brown sock was blocking the drain pump and keeping it from working! So I pulled it out, put the hose back on, moved the washer back in place, and we gave it a test run. Perfecto! It worked like a charm. We left the front cover off at first to make sure there were no leaks, and we were done in less than 20 minutes. Isn't Google great?!

So that was our excitement for last night. We were debating between going to our community association meeting or going to see the new James Bond movie. Didn't get to do either one. Oh well.

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