Monday, November 12, 2012

Cleaning up the yard

Saturday was a pretty busy day. I went to the office in the morning, then Jane and I had our usual breakfast-for-lunch at one of the local breakfast places. We try to do that every Saturday around 12:30 or so. Then we went to work on finishing up the lawn. Jane cut off and cleaned up all the flower areas (which we have a lot of - from the previous owners). I got the leaves off of the roof of the house and finished raking them up in the yard and taking them out to the curb. I also trimmed some trees and bushes back and took the limbs out to the curb. The entire curb in front of our house is now piled with leaves and branches; and they don't come to pick them up for another 3 weeks or so. Then I mowed the lawn for what I hope will be the last time. I mowed it low, and raised it back up a notch when I got done. And I do have to say, the lawn looks pretty darn nice (well, it did, until the wind yesterday blew the neighbors leaves into our yard). I also put the cover on the grill and covered the air conditioner.

We can't decide what to do along the neighbors fence in the back yard. It has so much stuff planted along it. I like the looks of most of it, but it just gets kind of overgrown. It also looks nice now that everything is cut back and it's just bare. I am wondering if it would look better to just put some white rock down and some potted plants. But... I don't know. We probably won't do anything. It's just kind of a pain to mow around when everything gets to growing. At least the sticker bush out by the swing set is majorly cut back and should be easier to mow around, and the stupid tree/bush on the SE corner of the house. I used to hit my head on it every time I would mow.

At some point I need to trim the evergreen-type tree on the SW corner of the house, as well as the tree/bush on the SE corner. They are both growing into the house, and I'd like to just cut them back away from it so they're not touching the house. Also need to trim the little tree in the front window again. I just trimmed it early this spring, but it could use it again before it gets too big. I like having it in front of the window, but I think it's one of those trees that needs a lot of attention, to keep it from getting out of hand.

We still have some leaves to come down from the big tree in the front yard, but otherwise we should be okay for awhile.

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