Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Exchanged the asus tablet for a kindle fire

The week of Thanksgiving we bought an Asus TF300T tablet (with keyboard). We intended to get a Kindle Fire HD - mostly for me to read books with. However the salesman sort of talked us into the Asus. It was neat, but it cost over twice as much as the Kindle if you got the keyboard with it. So... when our home computer crapped out, we decided to take it back and stick with the Kindle. So on Cyber Monday we went to the actual Best Buy store and returned the Asus and bought the Kindle Fire HD. Fortunately they have this program right now where you can return anything in the store for a full refund by December 24th. So we got a complete refund on the tablet, the keyboard, the pack of accessories we bought with it, as well as the service plan. Then we bought the Kindle, a pack with a case and screen cover and a plug, as well as just the one-year service plan. So far I really like it. I like that it's smaller, and it just seems easier to work with. However it doesn't have as many apps as the Asus, nor is set up as nicely. The Asus was more like a computer. But I wasn't real happy with the Asus keyboard. I'm sure both have their good points and their bad points.

Here is the story from the original purchase - with edits made after the trade-off.

ADDED LATER (12/29/12) - Argh... I'm having second thoughts about switching the Asus for the Fire. I didn't realize I couldn't get youtube videos on the KF, nor gmail, nor... lots of other stuff. Yes, I still like the smaller size, but it is not near as nice to work with as the Asus Transformer. I may yet take the Kindle back and get the Asus... but I think I'll wait awhile and see. I do like the Amazon link, and Prime, and the size. But other than that... the web stuff is way worse on the Kindle, as well as the available apps. Ugh...

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