Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flight movie and a kindle fire hd

I took cyber Monday off of work - since Jane had it off too and I had one day of vacation I needed to burn. So we took our Asus tablet back to Best Buy for a full refund, and instead of buying something cyber-wise, we bought a Kindle Fire HD at the store (more on this later). Then we went to the 12:30 showing of the movie 'Flight.'

I knew this had Denzel Washington in it, and that it was about an airplane crash, and that was it. Yes, it ended up having some serious moral/Christian undertones to it, and was ultimately a story of redemption. I was once again pleasantly surprised by Denzel. He's my man.

I don't want to give any of the movie away, but it was good. However, to be fair, there were times where it seemed an awful lot like a Kirk Cameron sort of movie (well, other than the full nudity, language, and drug use). The co-pilot and his wife were a little over-the-top wacky Christian-like. But the redemption aspects were still powerful. It was a good movie.

We debated between this movie and 'Lincoln.' That will likely be next.

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