Sunday, November 18, 2012

Skyfall (007), and hit & run

Jane and I went to the movies yesterday and saw the new James Bond flick: Skyfall. It was pretty good. We are James Bond fans, so what else are we going to think. I'm a big Daniel Craig fan too. No, he's not Roger Moore (my favorite JB), but he's probably second on my list. Though I didn't really like how they kept trying to make him out to be so old... I took that kind of personal. Anyway, not a 'great' movie, but a suitable James Bond-er.

And... after racking my brain the other night trying to think of a movie I'd seen recently, and then realizing that I didn't blog about it... I thought I better put on here that I saw Hit & Run. It was several weeks ago (shoot, it might have even been several months ago by now). I saw it by myself, and was a little disappointed in it, but it was kind of funny. I'm am not really a fan of Dax Shepard, and didn't remember that he was kind of the lead character. Otherwise it was one of those quirky action/comedy flicks that I like. And Bradley Cooper played a funny yet out-of-character type for him. That's why I was racking my brain the other night - trying to remember the last movie I saw him in. It was ok.

I need to do better at keeping track of the movies I've seen though. I went for awhile and wasn't blogging them. Durnit. There are three I would like to see now: Cloud Atlas, Flight, and Looper.

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