Saturday, December 08, 2012

An attractive woman

I wrote this down awhile ago. I overheard a conversation where some guys were talking about what they liked about women; what made them attractive. A lot of it involved certain body parts, or hair, or eyes, or whatever. Certainly it's nice when women have hair and eyes and whatnot, but as I thought about it, I think there are other things that are much more important when it comes to attractiveness (at least for me). The things I find most attractive are:
  • Confidence
  • A quick smile
  • An easy laugh
Looks don't really tell you much about a person, but I admire someone that knows who they are - and they're okay with that. No one is perfect, and we can all be better, but to be "comfortable in your own skin" is a truly beautiful trait. Maybe it's even a "peace with God" sort of thing.

And who doesn't like to see people smile at you? It is such a disarming thing. A smile could be the quickest way to warm a person's heart, or bring change to a situation. Although, I suppose there are different types of smiles. A confident one is best. :)

And an easy laugh probably comes naturally with the first two. I suppose it also requires a healthy sense of humor (another trait I admire).

You know, now that I write this down, not that I want to be a woman, but this is what I wish *I* were more like too! Not exactly how I am at the moment. Anyway, not that it matters a great deal, but this is what I was thinking about one day.

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Jim Lehmer said...

You forgot the, "Oh, and of course Jane has all of these characteristics" epilogue. :)