Sunday, December 02, 2012


Last night Jane and I babysat the two grandkids. This might have been the first time we babysat both of them together at our house (or maybe not). Anyway, it went fine. Drew Carrie went out for their third wedding anniversary. They brought the kids over around 6:30. They actually arrived at our house before we did (we both worked in the morning, then went to lunch, then went to the church to get ready for a supper tonight, then went to Target, then back to the church... then home). Bennett was good for awhile and just sat in his carseat and looked around. Anna was really good the whole night, until she started to get sleepy. She really liked the Kindle. She watched "Elmo" videos most of the night - either holding the kindle on her lap, or with it setting on the coffee table or couch in front of her. At one point I asked Jane if she thought she'd had a bath, and once she heard the "B" word, she then wanted a bath. So I got her in the tub and washed her off, then she played quite a bit, and Jane finally got Bennett to go to sleep and she came in and finished Anna's bath. The boy only slept for about ten minutes and he was back at it. He doesn't seem to take a bottle too well, but Jane mistakenly grabbed one of Anna's pacifier's and he really went to town on it. Of course then Anna got all upset that he had her pacifier. That's kind of when she started getting cranky. But all in all it was a good night. She was such a sweety almost the whole time. She sat on my lap a lot, or we sat together on the couch. Of course, when Drew Carrie arrived back at our house - probably around 9:30 or 10 - both kids were crying when they walked in the door. :) Fortunately it wasn't like that the whole night. As soon as they left Jane started making cookies for church for today. Whew, that was one full day. And now it's time to start another one.

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