Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spectrum of theology

Brandan Robertson has a nice little (or not so little) blog post here, with a chart - complete with categories and names - detailing a broad spectrum of Protestant theology particular to our day and age (2013). Some innaresting stuff.

I used to be one of those people that didn't like all the categories. I just wanted us to 'all get along' and be "Christian." But I have seen the light and understand that that means so many different things to different people. You know, like saying "I like music"... People mean a lot of different things when they say "music." People mean a lot of different things when they say "Christian."

I would say, for me personally, I used to fall into the 'mainstream evangelical' category. But now I most definitely fit more into the 'neo-evangelical', and maybe even a little 'progressive evangelical.'

Here is the chart itself, but there is much more on Brandan's post (here):


Jim Lehmer said...


I'm definitely to the "left" (or in the chart's terms, "below") you. Surprise! :) Also no surprise that I am apparently backing a dead horse according to him - I've always been for the underdog (and funnily enough, that includes pre-Constantinian-shift Jesus).

He talks about removing Westboro Baptist Church but having them in the initial two drafts. Well, if he considered that small of a splinter movement on the right worthy of consideration, he didn't go far enough on the left, either. Since he is dealing with Protestant theology only (bummer) I can't expect him to include the still extant Catholic Workers, I would have at least expected someone from the new monasticism movement (koff Shane Claiborne koff) to show up.

Ironic that my current reading is a book by Crossan (God and Empire). Guess I'm going to hell. :)

dan horwedel said...

Good points, Jim. And I agree. Although I would hope new monasticism isn't to the left as far as Westboro Baptist is to the right. But... point taken.

I feel like the list has a definite 'evangelical' bias to it. Still thought it was helpful - especially in distinguishing me from guys like you. ;)

Btw, I was probably raised in more of a reformed setting, and while I fall more into the neo now, I definitely lean to the bottom (left) than to the right anymore.