Friday, December 28, 2012

Isaac gets engaged

Well it looks like I'm going to have a daughter-in-law. And a very nice one at that. Son Isaac proposed marriage to her yesterday. And he pulled out all stops to do so.

I don't know if I remember all the details exactly, but they are on their way from Indianapolis to San Francisco - on a train. Apparently Kerouac took this route at some point (maybe not from Indy); and San Fran is Isaac's girlfriend's favorite town. Well it just so happens that the train passes right through our old hometown of Buda, IL - and actually right by our old house (with the red door). So Isaac talked to the conductor (or someone), and when they approached Buda they announced over the loudspeaker that they were approaching the hometown of one of their passengers who was onboard with his girlfriend; but that she wouldn't be his girlfriend for much longer. It was at that point, as Ricci gave Isaac a funny look, that he proposed - just as they were passing between Buda and Neponset (where Jane and I are from and where our kids were born). He used a ring that had been in Jane's family. Oh, and she said "YES!" :)

He texted me a few times during the day and told me his plans. Then he called around 6 pm - just as Jane and I were discussing whether it had happened yet or not - and he told us that it had. He was pretty excited. We were pretty excited. We could hear Ricci in the background and she sounded pretty excited. Then we got a text from Carrie and she was pretty excited.

We couldn't be happier. I have a lot of respect for my son (and daughter), and if this is who he loves, then that's good enough for me. We had basically already accepted her into the family (because we really like her too), but now it's official. Well done, boy. :)

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