Friday, January 25, 2013

Five things friday

1. I got carded at the Family Christian Bookstore yesterday. I bought some birthday cards and stickers for little kids and charged them to the church (like I always do), and they ALWAYS have a hard time finding my church in their records because it was entered wrong and they apparently can't change it; so yesterday I went to the trouble of actually looking up our account number before I left the office. Then when I checked out I gave the church name and address, the account number, and my name, which is on the account. The salesperson found it right away and then said, "I'm going to need to see some identification." WTH!!! Do they have a lot of people trying to buy birthday cards on other people's accounts?!? I have never had to show my ID before. I swear, that store is the worst. I don't know if it's their policies or their employees, but something annoys me every time I go there. You can never just buy something and go to the cash register and check out.

2. Blogging just isn't very much fun anymore, and who am I kidding.

3. What's even harder than resisting the temptation to crawl up on the pastoral pedestal is fighting the efforts of others to place the pastor up on a pedestal.

4. Sometimes I seriously do wonder if I have just gotten everything wrong and backwards my entire life.

5. I would like to run 5 races this summer. If I can get my knees straightened out I am considering the possibility of a marathon before I'm 60. But that's probably just ridiculous. A lot of things would have to go 'just so.' For now I just need to get my knees healthy again.

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carrie said...

FCB is THE WORST! is the way to go. I forget why but one time they weren:t going to let me buy something. Really? You're a store. You sell things. Ugh.