Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anna turns 2

Yesterday was granddaughter Anna's second birthday. It probably wasn't the best day she could have had since she has a cold, but we made the best of it. Her mom and dad had planned a big party for this Saturday, but she and her brother and her mom have all been sick, and her dad had to work up by Chicago all week so he couldn't be here. So Carrie, Anna and Bennett came over to our house last night and we had a nice supper and little cakes, and then opened some presents. I think Uncle Isaac and Ricci are still going to come up from Anderson on Saturday. Her mom and dad got her a fish the other night when they celebrated.

Last night we gave Anna her gifts from us. We got her a plastic bowling set, and a wooden train with stackable things on it - since her dad works on a train and she really likes to stack blocks. We also got her a Radio Flyer Classic Red TRICYCLE! The bowling set and tricycle will be to keep at our house; the train is to take to her house (I guess). She seemed to REALLY like the tricycle. She went round and round and round from the living room through the kitchen and back. I think she had a pretty good time even though she had a runny/stuffy nose and sore throat. She's a sweetie.

Bennett was his usual happy self, even though he went to the doctor in the morning and found out he has an ear infection and pink eye. He still smiles just as big as can be whenever you talk to him. What a card.

Anyway, here are the write-ups from her first birthday last year, as well as the day she was born and a few days after. And here are some pics from last night (she liked the cake!)...

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