Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I got a haircut yesterday. Went to the usual place, and had a new girl named 'L. Sue' cut my hair. It was a normal haircut - #6 on sides and back; tapered down; scissor cut the top - and she was quick! I don't know that that is always a good thing, but it didn't take long. Which was surprising, because they weren't exactly busy. There were two girls cutting hair and when I got there they each had someone in their chair but no one waiting. They got done at the same time, and while L. Sue cut my hair the other girl just sat in her chair and watched. That always makes me a little uncomfortable, because with my glasses off I can't really see much, so I never know if she's making faces at me or what. But I didn't think about it too much. Anyway, just before I was done another guy came in. Apparently it had been 2 months almost to the day since my last haircut. I didn't even realize. I would have thought it might have been longer ago than that. I didn't think I'd had one since I started growing the beard, but I was wrong. See, it's a good thing I have this blog. Otherwise I never would have known that. And neither would you. Whew.

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