Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Five ways accountability goes bad

I read a good little post on accountability groups called "Christian Accountability: 5 Reasons It Often Doesn't Work."

They are not saying accountability groups don't work, but that there are certain things that can hinder them. And I absolutely agree. I have been in a number of accountability groups - and am presently in two different ones - and this article touches on some things I have seen in all of them. These five points could make them even better.

The 5 ways accountability goes bad, according to the article, are:
1. When accountability partners are absent.
2. When accountability groups are programmatic.
3. When accountability partners are confession-centered.
4. When accountability partners are obedience-centered.
5. When accountability partners forget the gospel.

Good stuff (you need to read the whole thing). I think accountability groups are a really good thing. I think this article is good too.


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