Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your church pianist

I've been trying to find someone to lead our music at church for a long time. We have enough singers, but not enough musicians. So Jane and I have been having to do it for quite some time. I have always said that the biggest problem the church would have when I left was there would be no one to provide music. It's the same thing even when we go on vacation. We have tried iworship and a few other things, but they are costly and also require technology that is just a bit of a challenge for us depending on who might be available.

I just saw a link to (, and it looks like it might help. It is simple piano arrangements of mostly just traditional old hymns, but it appears to be simple enough for us to use and very affordable (89 cents a song). You can download the songs onto your computer or burn them to CD. Granted, it's not really the 'style' of our worship on a normal Sunday, but it beats using the hymnal with NO music. It would also be something that could be used in a pinch should the need arise.

I may purchase one of the value packs just to keep on hand.

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