Monday, January 14, 2013

Shingles, shambles, beauty queens and things

It's a blue, blue Monday in the naked expanse of my brain. It was a long weekend emotionally, and I will probably say more than I should, yet not enough of what needs to be said. But anyway, after laying awake for the last couple years with a cosmic battle raging towards the edge of nowhere... here are a few things on my mind:
  • My mom has shingles. I was never really sure what it even was, but apparently it has something to do with the chicken pox, and nerve endings, and all I really know is that it's really painful. My mom has always been the picture of health, but she said this is pretty bad. She has it from the waist down, and only on one leg and foot. So I guess that's good. She says it is the worst around her tailbone. So she can't sit at all, and was finally able to stand some yesterday. I think she's mostly been just laying on the one side that's not affected. I feel bad that we're so far away. Hopefully she will get well soon.
  • I also just read on Facebook that our granddaughter has been up since 3 am this morning throwing up. I thought she looked a little pale yesterday, and that her eyes were kind of red around the outsides. I feel bad for her, she is such a sweetie.
  • Speaking of my mother, though... I guess the Miss USA Beauty Pageant was on the other night. Apparently Miss Illinois is from my mom's hometown (Rushville). And her grandfather is the minister who performed my mom and dad's wedding ceremony. I thought that was pretty cool. I guess she made the top ten, and maybe won the swimsuit competition (?).
  • Otherwise... things are just kind of in a shambles in my mind right now. Monday's are usually pretty down days for me. That's the nature of the business; nothing can really be done about it. But this one seems especially bad. The whole weekend was kind of down, actually. We had our annual "congregational meeting" Saturday. I suppose it went okay. There wasn't any controversy or heated arguments, but I wish there had been a little more discussion than there was. And, I don't know, laying in bed this morning I began to wonder as I have so often lately if maybe it's just time to admit defeat and step aside. We are just really worn out. But... it is Monday. 
So... there ya go. Not a very good way to start the day. And I know I said awhile ago that I was going to start posting things that were more "helpful." Well... sorry about that. This is all I've got.

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