Saturday, January 12, 2013

Retro wooden letter bill organizer

I've been trying to find a retro wooden hanging letter/bill organizer like this. We always had one growing up - it hung on the back of the basement way door - and my parents still use it today. First I found one I liked on Etsy, but it was sold. I probably need to just look at some of the antique stores in town. Anyway, this is mostly for Jane, but here are some other options: (SOLD) (a new one; and sideways - with key holders) $21.99 (an older one and darker one - no key holders) $16.95 (an old, old one - no key holder) $13.33 (an old, old one - with key holder) $26

1 comment:

JAH said...

I like the new one that is wider. It would appear to hold more stuff. :)