Friday, January 11, 2013

Five things friday

I think I may stick with this "Five Things Friday" thing.... Just live-blogging five random things that are on my mind on Friday mornings. At least until I get tired of it.

1. It is January and it's supposed to be 58 degrees today. It's also raining, with some thunderstorms possible throughout the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be about the same temp, then on Sunday it's supposed to start cooling down again, with rain changing to snow. I just hope all the dirty, ugly snow that we have now melts before we get more.

2. I haven't posted on Facebook for a few weeks. I guess you could say I'm a bit "gun shy." I was a little shaken by the shooting at that elementary school out east. But I was just plain dumbfounded by the almost immediate response of so many people on Facebook who felt the need to defend their right to own automatic assault rifles. I mean, could we not even let the little bodies of these 20-some innocent children start to cool before you started defending your RIGHT to kill anybody you felt like? I dunno. I'm not against hunting rifles, or even some handguns, but geezaroo... I just don't understand how anyone can justify automatic assault rifles being legal for anyone other than the military or police. But whatever. So, anyway, now I just don't really know how to even start posting on Facebook again. I want to. I like the medium. It just feels really awkward to me for some odd reason.

3. The cat just did not want me to be in bed this morning. It is my one day to sleep in (even though I still woke up at 5:30), and even though Jane got up and fed her, she still kept meowing and climbed into bed to try to rouse me. Of course once I get up she just curls up on her beanbag chair and goes to sleep.

4. I'm trying to drop a few pounds again. Not that I'm at all heavy, but some of my new pants were getting a little snug, and I mostly just wasn't eating very healthy. I just really have a thing for cookies all of a sudden. So I've been doing the protein drinks and trying to watch what I eat again. I don't know what I got back up to... but I saw 155. This morning I was at 152. I would like to stay under 150 - with an ideal of around 145. Though it makes a difference if its muscle or not. There's a bit of belly sag I need to convert.

5. So many things I could plug in here... I'll go with this: Lima beans are my absolute favorite vegetable. I've always liked them, in a wide variety of ways, but for some reason I just really LOVE them nowadays. And just the plain ones - with some sea salt and pepper on them. Mmmm...

Peace out, folks; and in.

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