Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another new computer, and why I bought it at best buy

So... Tuesday night we took back the HP All-In-One computer we bought a couple weeks ago and exchanged it for another Lenovo Ideapad (pictured here). You can read about the HP purchase here, but basically it was just too darn slow for us. It wouldn't play Youtube videos straight through, and even struggled with Pandora radio.

Fortunately Best Buy has a great return policy. They give you 30 days to return it, no questions asked. Plus we had used a $30 coupon on the HP, and they let us use it on the Lenovo instead. So it only cost us $60 more for the Lenovo than the HP, and it's a way more powerful machine. The Lenovo has an i5 processor, 6 GB DDR3 memory, and 750 GB hard drive storage. The only complaint I've heard about it is that the keyboard isn't backlit. That's not a real problem for me.

To top things off, this is the exact same Lenovo that I bought for my office just before Thanksgiving, but when we bought the other one it was $599. The price has since dropped to $559. And with the coupon that meant it only cost us $529. So I guess it was a good thing we waited.

I have finally started to get used to Windows 8 for day-to-day usage - I basically just keep it on the desktop. It still takes me awhile to maneuver through the control panel and things like that, but I'm sure it will just take time to get used to. For the record though, I hate Windows 8. If I wanted a tablet I'd get a tablet. Wait... I do have a tablet! I want a computer.

I do kind of miss the monitor size of the HP (20"), and I liked not having to have anything else taking up physical space on the desk.... but that too is minor compared to having a good working computer.

And, again, my hats off to Best Buy. A great return policy, and we've always had good customer service. Although I will say, their sales staff has really seemed lacking as of late. We finally had to go look for someone to help us get this computer off the shelf. We had the same problem when we bought the HP.

So, there ya go. Peace out; and in.


Jim Lehmer said...

I think you made the right decision. And whenever you want a bigger monitor get a $100 monitor and a $30 mounting bracket (to get the monitor up off your desk - like this).

If your TV has HDMI input you can always use that, too. :)

Tom said...

I use a laptop at work and though I don't have a docking station for it I still hook up a wireless mouse, a keyboard, speakers, and a 23" monitor. I like the keyboard because it is easier to type with, the speakers sound better than my laptop speakers, and the mouse works a lot better than the touchpad. I use the 23" monitor for when I am working on graphics or if I want to see more than one program at the same time. I often have a word editor on my laptop screen and my Bible study software open on my 23" monitor. That way I can read and type at the same time. Just saying there are a lot of options to make it work the way you like.

Jim Lehmer said...

I concur, I use a wireless keyboard and mouse combo (one dongle) from Logitech, and just leave the dongle plugged in all the time, even when the laptop is mobile (they're tiny). It makes typing much easier. I also use external monitors. Here is my current work setup on which I am typing this comment. :)

Tom said...

Jim, that desk is way too clean.

Jim Lehmer said...

Tom, that's because all the clutter is on the virtual desktop, where it belongs. :)

dan horwedel said...

Thanks guys. I've used a laptop at work for quite awhile too. I wouldn't use one without a wireless mouse. Though right now we're using a wired mouse at home. I was actually thinking of getting that logitech combo mouse/keyboard. I'm hoping to get another bonus points coupon from Best Buy and was going to use it for that.

I 'think' my laptop will do split screen, but I haven't figured out how yet. But, geez, awesome setup, Jim! And I agree with Tom... though I'm envious of the clean desk.

Thanks again!