Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cars serviced

We had both cars serviced yesterday. Fortunately neither needed anything done other than a simple oil change and inspection. They said the 2002 Buick Century should probably have the radiator hoses replaced - maybe at the next oil change. The top one especially. So I need to remember that. I guess the "low tire" light had come on in the Buick as well (Tuesday). The rear drivers side tire was just down a little.

We dropped off the Buick a little after 7 am, then I took Jane to work. I swapped the '08 Focus around 10:30. They called at 2:30 and said it was done. I walked there from our house later in the afternoon and it took me 38 minutes. It was a nice day to walk - it was about 50f. Then I picked Jane up when she got off work.

I so appreciate having a mechanic we can trust.

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