Friday, February 08, 2013

Five things friday (and then some)

Since I didn't do a ftf last Friday I thought I would throw in a few more today...

1. I have been sick since Sunday night. Ugh. I never know if it's a cold or the flu, but it's the sore throat, fever, ache all over thing. I was totally out Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I went into the office for a few hours and was beat. I finally felt ok yesterday, and now I'm pretty much just dealing with sinus issues. I am hoping Jane doesn't catch it, and that I can get over it completely. I don't even remember being sick last year and it seems like I've had several days this year where I've been totally incapacitated.

2. I was supposed to go to the dentist last Monday about my chipped tooth, but I had to cancel. Now I need to make another appointment.

3. I also still need to make an appointment about my knee. I think it's just my right one now. I need to start exercising again. Seriously. A couple of weeks ago I did actually (lightly) job 4 miles. It felt good to do so, but my right knee was then sore for a week.

4. I suppose some of you may have noticed that my blog has changed (unless you're receiving this through a reader, in which case you may have noticed I haven't blogged since Sunday). I changed the name and made it so no posts are visible on the main page. You can find all the posts via the archives if you are so inclined. I just felt like there were some people reading here who did not have good intentions, or something like that. I think there were also some people who were trying to get some 'other people' to read here, to prove some kind of point or something. You know, it's not that I don't want people to read here, but I don't for the life of me understand some people. I mean, if you leave a church and say all sorts of nasty things about the pastor and other people in that church, then why don't you just leave and let it go? I don't know why someone would leave my church and still continue to read my blog. And why someone would still be trying to get other people to leave our church over a year after they have left. Pardon my language, but to be honest, it really pisses me off sometimes. You can do what you like, but trying to cause harm to other people is not cool. And I don't like seeing friends of mine being manipulated either.

5. So... I don't know what I'm going to do with this blog. I've thought about just shutting it down, but... geez... I've put a lot of hard work and time and effort into this thing. It's not a toy. For me, anyway. It means a great deal to me. But I also realize I am unable to speak freely and share my heart on here. So I don't know what I'll do. I really don't have much to offer besides my heart, and when that's not good... it's not good. I've thought about starting another blog and using a different name, but I have a hard enough time being myself, let alone someone else. That stuff just doesn't work for me. I also don't like having a private blog, because it's such a pain to have to sign in and everything. Plus I just like how this one is set up, and it really is quite useful for me with the search feature and all. I may just write for awhile in my paper journal. Or, I can always hope that only the 'right' people figure out how to find my content on here. I dunno.

6. I was pretty pumped to see the Illini beat Indiana last night. We even got to see part of the game. It was on cable, which we don't have, so we went to a bar & grill and watched part of it last night. Of course we were the only Illini fans there, but everyone was nice to us anyway. I was happy for Tyler Griffey. He's been in a shooting slump for like 2 months, and he made the winning layup as time ran out last night. I was glad to see all the seniors do good last night. They've had a rough time of it. I'm sure they're all good kids, but their team has been put together in such a way that none of them have ever really been able to play their game at any point in their college career. I get frustrated with Brandon Paul because he has so much potential, and has had some really great games, but he's been forced to play the point for the past few years anyway, and that just doesn't allow him to play to his strengths. He is a natural shooting guard, but he's just never really been allowed to only play there.  Anyway, it's not that it really matters, but it's something that I do. I usually try to keep somewhat up to date on the Illini message boards. I suppose that's my hobby for now.

7. We did have a smallish Super Bowl party last Sunday. Just a few of the church leaders. It was nice. I like what Dave Fitch said... "The Super Bowl is an excuse to have a party, and that's a good thing." I couldn't agree more.

8. From Jamie Arpin-Ricci: "Want to improve your online interactions? Unless explicitly otherwise, interpret every comment by others as though it was stated in a tone of civility. And everything you write, consider how it would sound if it was interpreted in the worst possible tone. Adjust accordingly." Point taken.

9. I had someone find my blog through this old post I wrote about "Sad Song & Link Wray" from 2005. It's weird how I will run across and old post of mine and not even remember writing it. I don't know what this makes me, but I kind of enjoyed reading it again.

10. Our power went off at least twice last night. I should probably go down and check the sump pump. It rained last night, but it's not like it stormed or anything. At least I don't think it did.

Well, there, I actually came up with five things for this Friday and five for last Friday. One long post, but I'd say I'm all caught up. Or something.


Joan B. said...

I found you. I
'm glad.

dan horwedel said...

:) Good detective work! Glad you found your way.