Friday, February 15, 2013

Five things friday

1. I might as well keep doing this 'five things' thing even if it's not readily readable on my blog. Yesterday I had more visitors than I've had since I restarted last year. Weird how that works.

2. Last night Jane and I went to Logan's for our valentines supper. Not that it's the greatest place, but those peanuts are nice. Logan's also has a really nice menu for dieters and people trying to watch what they eat in general. Not that that's what we had last night.

3. I received my disks for MS Office 2010 this week. I had to order them off of Amazon because apparently Microsoft has moved to a newer version (2013 or MS 365) and they sell it by SUBSCRIPTION. You can pay yearly or monthly, and you need the internet to use it. I do not like it, and I do not like where MS is going. I have a post about how I wonder if they are going to drive everyone to Apple by trying to get ahead of the curve. I think they are going to alienate a large majority of their users. But maybe that's me. Anyway, I just bought the discs for Office 2010. It was cheaper, and I'm not buying their koolaid anymore. I never should have gotten a machine (let alone 2) that had Windows 8.

4. It appears to be starting to snow. There are giant snowflakes coming down. First I saw one; then another; then a couple together. It's like slow motion.

5. I am still trying to get over this cold I've had. I got it a week ago Monday, so if I still have it Monday that will be 2 weeks. I am mostly over it, but still fighting the drainage into my throat and a tickle that makes me cough some. Hopefully in another day or two that will clear up. Or... it could linger until mid-summer. We'll see. Maybe the weekend trip to Texas in a couple weeks will clear it up.

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