Thursday, February 14, 2013


I went to the dentist this morning. The last time I saw a dentist was July of 2006, so I was due for a good cleaning (or overdue). Plus I chipped my bottom front tooth on January 28th and I wanted to make sure it was ok and didn't need capped or anything.

I originally made the appointment for last Monday (needing to wait a few days because I was in Ohio right after chipping the tooth). Then I ended up being sick last week and had to postpone it. So I called yesterday and they got me in at 9:30 this morning. They were a little shorthanded today. Apparently the receptionist was gone. So I didn't go back until around 9:45. I had already filled out all my paperwork beforehand after printing it off their website.

They took x-rays, the assistant talked to me, then the dentist came in and did a rundown on all my teeth. I didn't understand much of what he said, but he said the chipped tooth looked good and solid, so unless it was bothering me he wouldn't recommend doing anything to it. I was happy to hear that. I was also happy to hear that I didn't have any cavities either!!! So then they sent me to the next room and the hygienist cleaned my teeth. She said they were pretty stained, but at least I floss every day and use a fluoride rinse, so that helped. She had to use the water jet thing a couple times to get some of the rougher spots, but fortunately she got done at 10:45 and I was on my way. She went ahead and made me an appointment for 6 months from now - so I won't go another 7 years without having my teeth cleaned. The worst part about the cleaning was having to watch Fox News on the TV, but I was able to block it out for the most part.

This was my first time at this dentist. I went to Comfort Dental - just across from Jefferson Pointe. The dentist's last name is Bible. I thought that was funny. I think Drew is who told us about this place. Apparently he goes there. So now all of us have gone there. He seemed like a really nice guy. I used to like my old dentist in Ossian too, but we didn't have dental insurance at that time and I just couldn't afford to go on a regular basis anymore. Plus, you know, it's the dentist. I don't know why I don't like going like I do. Hopefully I won't have to go again until my next appointment in August. All in all it was a nice visit though.

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