Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Windows 8 tips and tricks

For the record, I absolutely HATE Windows 8. I hate it!!! I thought maybe I just needed to get used to it, but I just hate it even worse the more I use it. I hate how it requires everything to be done online, how they removed everything that used to be a constant, how it's not really even a computer anymore - but just a big phone. Probably the biggest annoyance is the simple removal of the old Microsoft games like basic Solitaire (sorry, the way they replaced them is asinine). But... I am stuck with it now, so here is an article that gives a little bit of help. There are plenty more out there.

An article on '20 Must-Know Windows 8 Tips and Tricks.'

A few to remember...

Log in without a username or password
To speed up the log in process, you may want to disable the username and password log in screen. This can be done by opening the run windowwhich you can do by hitting (Windows) + Rand typing in "netplwiz" to access the User Accounts dialogue. Un-check the box near the top that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer." Click OK and enter the user name and password one last time to confirm your choice, and you are all set for easy access to your system.

Windows games folder
Currently, the games folder used in Windows 7 isn't present in Windows 8. Fear not, if you install any current-generation PC game that would regularly save to this folder, it's automatically created. For a quick way to find it, right-click on the game icon on the Start screen and choose Open file location at the bottom.

Shut down with one click
Windows 8 hides the Power button in the Settings menu, forcing a multi-step process just to shut down one's PC. But thanks to a crafty shortcut trick, you can pin a Shutdown button right to the bottom of your desktop. Here's how.
Create a shortcut on your desktop (right -click, go to New, then Shortcut). Enter "shutdown /s /t 0" (with no quotes, and, yes, that a zero not an "O") as the location of the item, and hit next. Now name the shortcut (prefereably "Shutdown") and hit Finish.
Right-click the shortcut and navigate to Properties. Choose "Change Icon" in the Shortcut tab, and OK out the warning box. Choose an icon of your choice from the list. In the screenhot above, you'll see we chose a Power button.
Right-click the shortcut again and select "Pin to Start." You can place the icon on your Start screen wherever is convenient. Hitting it will instantly shut down your computer.

Quick Access Menu
Right-clicking on the lower left of the screenwhether youre in the Windows 8 Start screen or in the desktopwill bring up the Quick Access Menu, which enables a direct line to many key system management chores, including Disk Management, Task Manager, Device Manager and Control Panel.

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