Friday, March 15, 2013

Five things friday

1. I am not a Roman Catholic, but I really like their choice for a new Pope. Not that I am really familiar with Pope Francis, but just the fact that they selected a Jesuit. There is a nice article here about the significance:

2. I was trying an experiment yesterday and allowed my posts to be seen on the main page of the blog. I apologize to those of you who read here normally, but I am putting it back to no posts showing. Of course, most of you realize if you go to the archives you can still find everything. I am hoping some people never figure that out. I really don't like doing this but... some people just shouldn't read here.

3. Speaking of experiments... Jane and I have been doing this thing where we practice touching one another for at least 20 uninterrupted minutes each day; and we have to be touching in at least 3 places. Apparently there is some significance to it being 3 places. It can be any any 3, but it means we can't just hold hands. So we mostly sit on the couch and hold hands but also have our legs and shoulders touching each other. I always thought I just wasn't a "touchy-feely" type of person, but it's possible that I am, I have just conditioned myself not to be. It kind of interferes with being able to play quite so much solitaire on the Kindle, but other than that it's been ok. :)

4. I have to say, the edge has really been taken off. I am not near as intense as I used to be. It is nice.

5. I am debating whether to try to find someplace to watch the IU vs. U of I Big Ten Tournament game today. It is on at noon here, and on ESPN. I'm thinking it might be best to not watch it though. At least after winning over Minnesota yesterday we should be assured an NCAA tournament birth. I hope.


JAH said...

Yes. Definitely okay. :)

MR said...

Dan, Jane, it's Mike from 2 years from now! I've come back in time to say I would have picked the same spot all three times! Heeheehee! Hahaaaaa... totally worth it!

Anyway, the future's pretty cool. We all live on the moon now.

That's all, I have to get back to 2016 now; or was it 2017? Whatever.