Thursday, March 14, 2013

The seven movements of the meditation cd

So I've been listening to this meditation cd for a week now. It has instrumental music (church hymns) and then this guy talks and guides your thinking throughout. There are seven "movements" to the cd. I finally took the time to write them down one time when I was going through it.

  • Breathing Jesus is the first one. You are to think about your breathing, and then use the two-syllable name of Jesus to breathe with. Inhale on the 'Je'... and exhale on the 'sus.' You're to let Jesus take over your breathing, and then picture him with open arms. Finally you're to go to him and rest in his arms and let him hold you.
  • Picturing Jesus is next. You are to get a mental picture of Jesus in your mind and imagine him looking lovingly at you. You eventually allow him to look into your heart and to love you inside and out.
  • Walking with Jesus follows. You imagine you're in a garden full of flowers and it is very peaceful. Then Jesus enters and takes you by the hand, and you end up gazing into a pond. It is very quiet and at ease. Eventually you lay your head in Jesus lap and let him comfort you.
  • Peace in God's presence switches from just Jesus, to God. We are among the pillars in God's throne room, and everything is safe and secure with God in our midst. I think this is where we imagine ourselves fitted with shield, breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, etc. 
  • God is light is about picturing God as a bright light. First it is distant, but eventually you allow the Light to touch you and then enter into your body.
  • The glory of God is about entering God's throne room, and Jesus is there and the Holy Spirit is within you. The Holy Spirit explains to Jesus all your hurts, pains, fears, and dreams. The Trinity then interacts, talking about you, and loving you.
  • Entering God's rest is the final stage. 
It sounds kind of bizarre, and sometimes it seems a little weird going through it. Sometimes I find the guy's voice annoying too. But... I'm trying to remain open to it. I have certainly learned some things about myself by doing this exercise three times a day. However, honestly, many times I end up falling asleep. I almost always fall asleep when I do it right before bed (which I'm supposed to do). Sometimes I don't even remember it starting. Perhaps that's a good thing. Anyway, it is what it is. I'm trying.

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