Tuesday, March 05, 2013


I am supposed to start meditating. Three times a day. Not the standard meditation, but "Christian" meditation. The difference being rather than emptying my mind, I am actually filling it with more focused thoughts.

The counselor gave me a cd that has 33 minutes of quiet instrumental music (I believe they are all hymns), and then there is a guy talking in the background - telling me what to think and do and imagine. When I put the CD into itunes it says it is Maho Hanging Greyface, by Davenport, but I think something is messed up because that's not what it is. Anyway, Jane and I tried it out last night for the first time. It was... interesting. It may take some getting used to. The imaginative part of my brain isn't working the greatest right now, and this is supposed to help. It is mostly designed to help heal my soul though. So I will try to start out my day with this, do it again after lunch or later in the afternoon, and then do it right before bed. I will say, I had a very restful nights sleep last night. And I'm learning a lot about how the brain works.

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