Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Well, we finally got some snow. It started yesterday afternoon and must have stopped sometime early this morning. We were awakened by the neighbors snowblower at 5 am. So, I decided to go out and start shoveling. I measured one spot in the driveway and it was 8". The weatherman says Fort Wayne got 10.5". And it's a wet/heavy snow. I shoveled half the driveway - just enough to get our Ford Focus out - and I needed a break. Of course, even though we can get to the street, I'm not sure our car will get too far in our subdivision. We probably won't see a snow plow here for another day or so. At this point only one vehicle has went down our street - a guy down the street in a pickup truck. We'll see what happens. I may add a pic later.

I went out later and shoveled off the rest of the drive (around 10 am). Ugh. It had started to melt and was even heavier than before. I just took my time and got it all done. Still no snowplow down our street though.

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