Friday, April 19, 2013

Five things friday

1. I think we have caught up on our rain the past few days. It seems like it rained non-stop for days, even though we supposedly only got 1.59" according to the news (so far). It also looks like several of Jane's routes to work are under water though, so she may have to take quite a detour. Sounds like they got even more rain back home. Like 4-6 inches.

2. Yesterday I did some major cleaning in my office. I threw away a couple garbage bags full of stuff, and filled my back seat with another load of crap to either take home or take to a recycling center. And I'm not done yet. Still, it looks a whole lot better than it did. For as much of a neat-freak as I am, I do not hold those same standards to my office for some reason.

3. We had a nice supper with Lance, Brandon, Ellen and little Jack the other night. They were in town for their 3dm Learning Community, and staying at our mission house. We went to Casa (same place we went last time). I hadn't been there in awhile, and always like it. I was momentarily thrown for a loop because the last time they were here it was Lance, Brandon and Kimberly. I had only met Ellen and Kimberly once, and got them mixed up before I saw Ellen's face. Anyway, it's always nice chatting with Lance.

4. Life is interesting.

5. One thing I need to accomplish this summer is to install a battery back-up sump pump in the basement. I don't really like having to rely on a sump pump to keep our basement dry, but we do, and I dread the day when it fails. Oh well. Life goes on.

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