Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visit home

We made a quick trip back to Buda for Jane's niece's wedding this weekend. It was a nice wedding, and a nice trip home. This was the first time we had been there since last Thanksgiving, and the first time since my mom has been having trouble with her foot (shingles). The Feipel four also came - though we took separate vehicles.

Jane and I left after she got off work Friday evening. We decided to go through Chicago this time. We usually take rt. 24, but going through Chicago actually cut off like an hour and a half. We were wondering why we don't always go that way (the truth is, because depending on traffic it can also take a lot longer). Anyway, we left FW at 5:20 and arrived in Buda at precisely 9:50 pm (our time). Four and a half hours is GREAT. We took rt. 30 West to rt. 49 North to I-80 West to rt. 40 South. Traffic was minimal and we only stopped in Columbia City to go potty and get food at a McDonald's.

The funny thing was, Drew and Carrie left before us, and they took rt. 24, but they had just pulled into my parent's when we pulled up. Weird.

Anyway, we just visited Friday night. Saturday the Feipel's went to Dr. Pratt's for a visit, and Jane and I took a walk around town. We saw Joe B. Then we took a drive out by our farmland and visited with brother Mark for a bit. We came home and had lunch, then got ready for the wedding. It was at 3 pm at Bunker. It was a nice wedding. Stephanie and Jason are a super nice couple. There were 4 pastors involved in the wedding though, so it lasted about 45 minutes. The reception was at their barn (which is where they live). Because of the recent rains we couldn't all park there though, so we parked at the Wyanet school and they had 3 vans to shuttle people back and forth. It was an awesome barn, and a very nice reception. We stayed until it was almost over at 10 pm. Then we gave Laura and Bradley a ride and stopped at my parent's so Laura could see Bennett and Carrie. Then the four of us and Drew went to Brother's in Sheffield. Terry and Kathy were there, and we saw several other friends. We stayed out way to late (until after 1 am) and came home and crashed.

Jane and I left this morning at 9 am their time (10 am our time). We came home the same route and it took us 4 1/2 hours once again. That makes it so much nicer than 6 hours. It was a good trip.

Now we are resting for a bit and then have the Third Sunday Supper at church tonight at 6 pm. Btw, Joan preached for me this morning. I have already heard what an outstanding job she did. Which I knew she would.

Nice trip; nice weekend.


MR said...

Great Blog! I was here for about 10 minutes from just before midnight to just after midnight. reports I am coming from I'll be back soon!

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for the assistance. Seems to be working. Nice dog too, btw.

MR said...

Thanks! Her Loyal Highness is right here behind me sawing logs as I type.